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Ownership & Funding Information

Monday India is founded & owned by Bheru Lal Teli aka Lovely Bhati. The website “Monday India” was launched on 06 August 2020. The website also has social media presence with the handles named Monday India. The website is a news portal, which exclusively caters news in the Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Political, National, International, Agriculture, Sports, Technology and Education vertical. Monday India is a self-financed and self-dependent news portal. Lovely Bhati has invested more than 49,000 INR as Initial Funding for Monday India.

Monday India is also registered portal in Udyog Aadhar with the Registration number: UDYAM-RJ-17-0199760.

Head Office: Jaisinghpura Bhankrota Jaipur Rajasthan, India 302026

E-Mail – contact@mondayindia.com